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    4players Standard Rules

  1. We will try to start all tournaments within 5 minutes of the posted closing time.

  2. If there are not enough players to start, the tourney will be held open. Daytime (before 6:00PM) 25 mintues after 6:00pm 15 minutes

  3. The player/team listed first will pick which side of the table they want to play on

  4. You may not switch sides of table after your opponent sits.

  5. The Tournament Director will assign tables

  6. The game will not end on a board set, another hand will be dealt.

  7. Only the losing team may flag a game.

  8. Please be sure that each player registers their own account for the tournament to insure a successful start. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR PARTNERS

  9. You have 3 minutes to set your tables and begin play after the pairings have been posted. The 7 minute boot rule is for boots and acknowledged BRB's only. If you are in the playing room, the table must be started within 3 minutes from when the pairings were posted, not from the time it was brought to the TD's attention. You or your team will be DQ'ed if time is called. If there is a reason for a delay, it needs to be IM'd to the TD prior to the posting of the pairings and acknowledged by the TD before you are timed out.

  10. Please leave the watcher’s window open. There is no rule against people watching your game. If someone is annoying you with chat or sounds, you can call in the TD.

  11. Typing anything in chat, using the sounds available at the tables, or changing faces during bidding or any time before a trump suit has been named is grounds for being DQ'ed, as this can be taken as a signal to your partner.

  12. Using strings of letters or any form of repetition at any time once bidding has started is grounds for being DQ'ed. This applies to both table and lobby chat, and means that VNMP is fine, but typing VVVVVVNMP or TYTYTY can be and has been used to signal the number of aces or number of cards in trump suit to a partner.

  13. Please post boots in the lobby in CAPS with the booted player’s name and table number

  14. Please allow 7 minutes for boots.

  15. Please post wins and losses in the chat box Team name******won/lost

  16. In the event of a tie, under the game score, there will be a 2 hand play off. Sit at same table same seats for the play off. If there is a tie on or over the game score then bidder out wins.

  17. If you wish to be removed from a swiss tournament before the end, please PM the TD of that tournament before the round is advanced, and make sure it is acknowledged in chat. Please do not request the removal of a team other then your own, even as a joke. If that team is removed in error because of your request, your team will DQ'ed from the next round (you will get a lose) and then be removed from the tournament.

  18. No subs are allowed in singles tournaments.

  19. In partners tournaments, subs can be used. Subs may be used to replace a human, once the human has been timed out. SUB may be used in the final round on the table going for tournament win. IF the sub played the majority of the rounds with one team. All victories that a player (WHO IS A NO SHOW) receives will be removed from his/her record. This will be done by the TD telling a member of ADMIN who the player is and number of wins to subtract. No show players will receive the following:

    1st Offense Removal of wins.

    2nd Offense Removal of wins and a warning.

    3rd Offense Removal of wins and placed in penalty box for 7 days

  20. Bots may start a round

  21. Bots can be used as subs.

  22. Your MyLeague ladder name must match the name you use in the playing room.

  23. Please keep chat to a minimum while you are playing as a courtesy to the other player(s) and to ensure that the tournament time limits are not exceeded. If you are being bothered with PMs from another player or anyone else in the room, please copy the chat and report it to the TD.

  24. The TD will handle all reporting of matches.

  25. Multi-tasking is allowed, except for talking to your partner, being on another gaming site, or slowing the progress of the game.

  26. Couples (married or co-habitating) can not be partners. The only time this rule will be allowed to be broken is for a very special tournament (anniversary, etc)and in random partners where you have no control over the pairings,6:30 AM 6/10/2007 and then only with the express permission of the ladder administration. This rule applies to all persons residing in the same household.

  27. Family members not residing in the same household are requested to limit playing as partners to once or twice a week.

  28. If you are playing in more then one game at a time (here, on another ladder, or in any other room) you will be DQ’ed.

  29. All Cases, Zoo Game and 4player league rules apply.

  30. If you have a dispute with another player or a TD, please keep it in PM, not open chat, and notify the TD, HTD, or ladder administration. We will be more then willing to mediate at a closed table if needed, but using open chat to air your difference can get both of you 'boxed', or in extreme cases, banned from the ladder.

  31. The use of abusive language by any ladder member, whether currently playing or not, will be immediately reported to the Zoo, and will be brought up for ladder action.

  32. The TD's decision is always final.

Last updated: January 14, 2011